5 Things to Eliminate from Your Mornings

One year ago, I began practicing yoga. Aside from the physical benefits, I have picked up many thoughts and philosophies that have greatly helped me “off the mat” as well.  One our instructor has shared that resonated with me is to release thoughts that “no longer serve us.”

In a similar vein, I have been training myself to eliminate five things from my mornings which do not serve me well, to ensure I lay the foundation for a great day.

1.  Guilt

We’ve all been there.  Awakened in the morning feeling guilty for having indulged in one too many glasses of wine or that second slice of cake after last night’s dinner. Given we can’t do anything about that, simply release any guilty feelings, and promise yourself to improve the next time. Focus on eating well today.

2.  Worry

Worry is a waste of energy. Starting your day by worrying how your various tasks, meetings, and appointments will end up is not productive and likely to have no bearing on the actual outcome. Rather than waste your energy worrying, focus on ensuring you are well rested and prepared for the day ahead.

3.  Sugar

Starting your day with a sugary breakfast will not serve you well. Although it may taste good and be quick to prepare (or purchase), a breakfast high in sugar will not provide lasting energy and may actually make you feel worse within an hour or two as your blood sugar crashes. Stock your kitchen or office with healthy, well balanced breakfast foods to ensure your body and mind will have the fuel necessary to perform at peak until lunch time.

These next two items are based on my experience many years ago as a student in a Dale Carnegie course in which we were challenged to live in “day tight compartments.”

4.  Yesterday

Yesterday may have been an amazing day for you – productive, happy, satisfying, challenging, and fulfilling. Great! However, if it was boring, frustrating, aggravating, or even depressing — stop thinking about it and acknowledge that yesterday is gone, and today is a new opportunity to live well and add value to whatever you do. Do not drag yesterday into today. Move forward and focus on today, which you can control.

5.  Tomorrow

In a similar manner, it is best to focus on today – and ensuring it is the best day you can create, rather than expending energy on worrying about tomorrow. Yes, prepare and plan for tomorrow as much as possible, but do not allow your energy to be drained from making today great, by worrying about tomorrow.

“Doing The Best At This Moment Puts You In The Best Place For The Next Moment.” – Oprah Winfrey


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