5 Reasons I Love Ironing

Keeping our households and personal lives running smoothly often requires us to perform mundane, and sometimes dreaded tasks. Perhaps you can delegate or hire out many, but often due to budgetary constraints or our personal need for control we find ourselves owning these chores. A fresh perspective on some of these tasks may help you see potential benefits.

One of my favorite household tasks is ironing!  How could that be?  Let me share with you five benefits you could reap from this often maligned task.

1. Promotes Mindfulness

Ironing is a perfect exercise for practicing mindfulness. Given this household task involves a hot and steamy appliance, your valued clothing, and attention to detail, it is best done as a focused activity. No multitasking allowed!

2. Provides Quiet Time

Ironing is a great activity to do in a quiet corner of your home, away from distractions and noise. It allows you to focus on the steam in front of you, gather your thoughts or just clear your mind.  The perfect time to take a mini vacation from your electronic devices.

3. Renders Rapid Results

When I iron, I am always amazed at how quickly I can transform a wrinkled mess of a shirt into a crisp, like-new garment.  What other activities in your life provide you visible results in as little as 90 seconds?

4. Saves Time, Money, and The Earth

During my free spending days, I would drop my dress shirts off at my local dry cleaner, wait five days, walk or drive back and  pick them up, perched on wire hangers, and wrapped in plastic. Although I did purchase a reusable plastic laundry bag from my dry cleaner, this activity was still not very eco-friendly.  And at cost of $1.50 per shirt, or $7.50 per week, that is an annual expense approaching $400, not including transportation.

5. Improves Your Future Self

When you iron, you are investing in your future self.  Having a closet full of crisp, ironed shirts to select from during the week will save you time, make getting dressed each morning much easier, and make you feel more confident.  No more hunting for a shirt that looks just passable rather than a crisp one that compliments your outfit and makes you feel great.

So, I admit it — I love ironing.

What other household tasks appear mundane, but can actually help you practice mindfulness, relax, and enjoy some quiet time while saving time and money?


  1. I like ironing as well, especially with lavender scented water. It makes my handkerchiefs seem more elegant and my clothes stay fresher smelling. I also enjoy mending and darning. You must pay careful attention as needle pricks can be painful and a poorly darned sock can be uncomfortable to wear. Also, it seems silly to throw away an item that is perfectly wearable because it has a small tear or hole in it. I cringe when I hear people say, “it was so cheap, if it tears I’ll just buy another”, so wasteful! We don’t have a dishwasher, but I also don’t mind doing dishes, even after a big dinner party. There is a rhythm to it and the warm soapy water is soothing to me. I would rather wash than dry though.


  2. Haven’t ironed in decades, we live in cotton knit tops and polyester active wear 24/7, we’ve been retired going on 14th year. No need ever to dress up in 2017. Casual attire worn for church or even funerals (pants, knit tops). My iron is over 30 yrs old and like new, used seldom for steam pressing a hem in pants. I haven’t heard people talk about ironing stuff in ages. I used to hate ironing stuff as a teen way back before fabric changed tp wrinkle free.


  3. I avoid ironing at all costs, but I get the same benefits from other household chores. It’s all about mindset isn’t it? I could outsource cleaning of my home, it’s traditionally seen as “waste” of my time, but I see it as a chance to slow down. Great ideas come when scrubbing the bath tub.


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